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Arizona Medicaid Planning Services is a fee-for-service organization that helps families shelter and protect assets, plan for, and assist in the Medicaid process (known as the Arizona Long Term Care System or ALTCS). Since 1999, we have helped over a thousand families transition from private pay onto public benefits.

ALTCS – Arizona Long Term Care System

Are you or an elderly or disabled loved one in need of additional care but worried about the expense that comes with long-term assistance? You may qualify for the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS), which provides senior citizens and disabled individuals with monetary assistance to pay for continued care. While qualifying can be a lengthy and complicated process, the Arizona Medicaid Planning Services Benefits practice assists families in planning, qualifying and applying for ALTCS benefits.

Not only are we by your side during the application process, but we also look for lesser-known potential benefits available, including Veteran’s Administration aid and attendance benefits, and other VA or public benefits. We know how expensive care can be and are committed to maximizing your benefits so you and your loved ones can look forward to the future with peace of mind.

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What is ALTCS?

The Arizona Long Term Care System is an Arizona Medicaid program overseen by a state organization called the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). The ALTCS program is designed to assist those in need of either full nursing home care or home and community-based services that assist people who would otherwise require full nursing home care…

Our Mission is to:

  • Provide a smooth transition from private pay to public benefits.
  • Minimize the out-of-pocket expenses to applicants and their spouses (if applicable).
  • To shelter and protect the assets within the framework that the State allows.
  • Review all the options and choose those with the least risk and greatest benefit.
  • Avoid or minimize the State of Arizona’s ability to perform estate recovery.

ALTCS Eligibility

As with all public benefits, an applicant must meet certain criteria to qualify for the program. These requirements include proving that you:

  • Are U.S. Citizen or Qualified Alien
  • Have a Social Security Number
  • Are an Arizona Resident

There are four additional components to ALTCS eligibility…

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