Key Terms and Numbers 2021

AHCCCS: Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. The agency tasked with managing several public health care programs here in Arizona. ALTCS: The Arizona Long Term Care System. Arizona’s Medicaid Program. 300% of the Federal Benefit Rate (or FBR): The Single person income limit for ALTCS without having to create a “Millers Trust” (Also known as an Income Only [...]

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ALTCS Medical Eligibility for ages 65 and over

Medical Eligibility is the cornerstone from which eligibility for ALTCS is based. If a person is not medically eligible then regardless of their compliance to the other consonants of eligibility the applicant will be denied benefits. As a planner, Medical Eligibility is the one area I have little ability to directly impact. A person is [...]

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ALTCS & Living Arrangements

While you might intuitively think that living arrangements refers to a locations' ability to provide the necessary levels of care for the potential recipient, that would be incorrect. The State takes for granted that the living arrangement will be appropriate to the needs of the individual. Living arrangements fall into two basic categories. Either the [...]

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Common Pitfalls in Medicaid Planning

Is the income for a single individual applying for benefits more than $2,250? Are the assets for a single individual applying for benefits greater than $2,000? If the applicant is married, is their individual income more than $2,250 and their joint income greater than $4,500? If the applicant is married, is their joint assets or [...]

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